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Yak-share Lab Program

Yak-Share was designed to serve as a mechanism for our clients to donate or sell their surplus plastic disposables and chemicals.
With such a strong emphasis on environmental impact and cost saving in the current climate, it has never been more important to maximise space and protect investments. Releasing surplus and expired stock can create income and reduce the need for disposal. Making it advantageous to all laboratories wishing to meet their financial and environmental targets.

• Saves money and funding 
• Increased storage space
• Reduction in waste disposal charges
• Saves time and effort as we facilitate the trade 
• Low Price of second hand goods, Branded products for up to 50–80 percent off the cost
• Promotes collaboration between laboratories. Our range of clients include pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, universities, hospitals and other scientific and medical research organisations

Laboratories identify surplus or expired plastic consumables and chemicals.

They compile a list of the items they would like to donate or sell. Expected selling price is included. 

We then inspect the goods to confirm the quality of the item. 

The list of items is then published to the Yak-share page and emailed to our customers.

Interested customers confirm the items they would like to take or purchase.

We facilitate the collection and delivery. 

The seller receives a credit from Yaksha Scientific for the total value the items sold. 

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