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What can I do to make my lab greener? 

Here are some tips on what you can do to minimize your impact on the environment. 

• Design your experiments to use the minimum amount of chemicals as possible 
• Order chemicals in reusable/returnable containers 
• Chemicals should be purchased in the smallest quantities needed 
• Use less toxic alternative chemicals, such as less toxic lab stains or solvent substitutes 
• Reduce the use and disposal of radioactive materials by using non-radioactive alternatives 
• Replace your mercury-containing equipment with non-mercury substitutes 
• Store chemicals properly and use secondary containment to contain leaks or spills 
• Ensure wastes types are disposed in separate, proper containers 
• Keep containers of chemicals closed at all times 
• Do not dispose of chemicals down the drain 
• Turn off lights when not in use and use natural lighting when possible 
• Turn off computers and office equipment at the end of every workday 
• Unplug equipment (e.g. vacuum pumps, heating and cooling equipment) when not in use