Yaksha Scientific grew from the idea of partnering with laboratories and researchers to enhance the scientific frontier, with environmental consideration. As the only South African laboratory supplier with this focus, our products and processes are built on the values of Efficiency, Economic viability and an Environmentally considerate business.

Our efficiency model has been designed around our customers. We took their concerns and worked out the best solutions to overcome them with minimal changes to the overall business. We decided to do this by focusing on the following key areas:

Instead of the WYSIWYG mentality, we work with the customer to design and implement a tailored order and delivery schedule.

We take away the administrative headache of wading through several vendors by being a single source supplier.

We reduce downtime from backorders by maintaining high stock levels of regular purchased items.

As a core belief of Yaksha Scientific, we intend providing high quality products, not just at economical prices, but solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

Multiple contracts across numerous vendors can create a financial nightmare. We prefer consolidating these contracts for our customers. This both streamlines the process and ensures better overall costs through volume discounts.

Local is Lekker! And we believe it. We always try to source locally manufactured goods that hold the quality standard that we expect. This allows us to support local economy without having to incur the heavy import costs and duties.

Finally, we encourage our customers to become part of our Yakshare program.

Everyone talks about going green and we all know the effects laboratories are having on the environment. Due to energy-intensive equipment, round-the-clock operations, and unique ventilation requirements, they consume as much as five times more energy than typical offices do. They are also often large consumers of water and the biggest producers of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in the non-industrial sector. 

At Yaksha Scientific we believe individual actions can have profound effects. We have made a commitment to be more mindful about the use of resources and disposal of wastes.  

These are some of the strategies we have employed to reduce our environmental impact -  

We deal with manufactures that produce their products with low environmental impact.

Greener alternatives to existing products are constantly being sourced.

As part of our customised orders program, we consolidate deliveries to lessen the usage of transportation, fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions

We have moved away from physical paperwork to a large extent. We provide electronic quotes, literature and invoices.

Yaksha Scientific maintains a recycling program of paper and plastic waste while also utilising recyclable packaging.

As an ongoing business practice, we provide labs with green checklists and assist in the implementation of Sustainable Lab Practices